Thanks to sedation dentistry, you no longer have to delay your dental work.

If you've been putting off your dental work, that’s okay. Just don’t put it off any longer, please. You deserve a healthy, confident, fashionable smile. And you certainly don't want dental problems to become medical problems. We also offer sedation dentistry so you can relax and have more dental work performed in fewer sessions. Although most of our patients feel so comfortable here you probably won’t need it. We’ll certainly baby you if you do.

Dr. Rice and Dr. Wendling are certified in sedation dentistry, and you'll find our entire staff especially attentive and reassuring.

When you see us we're happy to talk about sedation dentistry costs and explain the differences between Sedation IV sedation dentistry, conscious sedation dentistry, sleep sedation dentistry, and other terms you may have heard.

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