There are many benefits in choosing Invisalign (clear invisible braces) over old metal braces. They are comfortable, using smooth, soft trays. They are convenient, allowing you to remove them for brushing, eating, and special occasions. And they are confidence building, allowing you to flash a smile confidently with no concern of metal mouth.

  1. Invisalign (clear braces) are a wonderful modern procedureteeth straightening, when it's part of your overall dental health. Yes, you want your teeth to "look pretty", but your bite and underlying structure are also vital. You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond straight teeth. According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental health.

That's why it's important for us to properly evaluate you as a candidate for Invisalign. If we determine that Invisalign is not the best solution for you, we will recommend excellent orthodontists. We collaborate with all dental specialists, including oral surgeons so we are able to provide the best dental health for you as well as your most attractive smile.

  1. Invisalign will be an ideal solution for you and we invite you to come in, be evaluated, have all your questions answered about Invisalign vs braces, Invisalign prices, insurance, and more and, when you're ready, get started on the straight smile you always wanted. 

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